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Any public or private organization is eligible to apply for a 21st CCLC grant. Agencies and organizations eligible under the 21st CCLC grant program include, but are not limited to local education agencies (LEAs), non-profit agencies, city or county government agencies, faith-based organizations, institutions of higher education, and for-profit corporations.


The 21st CCLC program is authorized under Title IV, Part B of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The program provides before and after-school, weekend, and summer school academic enrichment opportunities for children attending low-performing schools to help them meet local and state academic standards in subjects such as reading, mathematics, and science. As a result of successful ESEA waiver application, effective in 2012-2013, 21st CCLC programs in North Carolina may choose to also offer services during the school day. In addition, programs may provide activities for youth development, drug and violence prevention, art, music, technology, character education, counseling, and recreation to enhance the program's academic components. The program also supports a component for family literacy and community outreach.

2014-2015 Request for Proposals--Update
Thank you for your interest in the 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) Grant.  At this time, we are currently not accepting any applications past the April 17, 2014 deadline.  Future 21st CCLC competitions are contingent upon available federal funding.  The funding determination is made on annual basis by the federal government and in turn, by the state of North Carolina.  Continue to access our 21st CCLC website for the most current information about the grant process. 


State Guidance

  • NEW 2013-2014 Fiscal Appendices
    Fiscal Guidance
    The Fiscal Guidance is provided for 21st CCLC programs to assist with the development and operation of an organization's fiscal processes in its financial management system. It is intended to apply within the framework of the federal accounting principles and standards.
    (pdf, 890kb)

  • NEW 2013-2014 Standards and Procedures Appendices
    Standards and Procedures Handbook
    The Standards and Procedures Handbook has been developed to assist local organizations in the planning and implementation of high-quality 21st CCLC programs. The handbook addresses issues and considerations beyond federal and state requirements to ensure that afterschool programs effectively support student learning and development.
    (pdf, 789kb)

  • Expanded Learning Time (ELT) FAQ
    (pdf, 101kb)