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DIRECTOR :: Joel Medley

DIVISION MISSION :: The NC Office of Charter Schools, through educational collaboration, provides leadership to establish and engage a quality charter school culture resulting in legal compliance, board performance, financial integrity, and academic excellence.

North Carolina Charter Schools Act (NCGS115C-238.29)


Charter Application Press Release
(pdf, 32kb)

On December 6, 2013, the NC Office of Charter Schools received 71 charter applications for consideration to open a charter school in August 2015. You can find some basic information about those applicants on the Excel spreadsheet.
(xls, 51kb)

175 Letters of Intent (LOI) were submitted ahead of the 12 noon deadline on September 6, 2013. These groups may complete charter proposals by the December 6, 2013 application deadline. The spreadsheet below provides some basic information on each group that completed a LOI.
(xls, 222kb)   UPDATED 09/16/13


Charter School Membership by LEA - Survey Results

Charter School Membership
Reports showing charter school Average Daily Membership (ADM).


If you have questions regarding charter schools, please contact the Office of Charter Schools via email at