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The Educational Directory and Demographical Information Exchange (EDDIE) is an online application containing LEA (school district) and school information such as LEA numbers, school numbers, administrative contacts, school types, grade levels, calendar types, program types, addresses, and more. This information is maintained and edited by subscribed users at the LEAs and Charter Schools.

EDDIE is the authoritative source for NC public school numbers and demographic information, and is used by multiple systems including; Accountability, PowerSchool, NC School Report Cards, and is used to meet federal reporting requirements.

LEAs and charter schools are responsible for ensuring data are complete, accurate, and current.


EDDIE is located at:

  • Anyone can view EDDIE and access or run reports.
  • Users who need to edit data must be subscribed and logged in with their current NCID. See Subscription Information below for details.
  • EDDIE is open for the 2013-14 school year. Subscribed users can:
    • Enter school name and address changes, grade level changes, new principals, etc. that will be effective in the 2013-14 school year.
    • Enter new schools scheduled to open in 2014-15. See New Schools info below.
    • For schools that will close at the end of 2013-14, enter the closing date (07/01/2014) prior to the end of the school year. See Close Schools info below.

Additional data is available at the National Center for Education Statistics -





Who should subscribe to EDDIE? LEA, school, or charter school staff who need to enter, update, or maintain their data. DPI staff may also subscribe as DPI data users. Subscribed DPI staff may not update data, but do have the ability to save their custom reports in EDDIE.

Subscription Information - Two Separate Steps

  1. Get an NCID - contact the NCID administrator for your LEA or Charter School.
    • If you already have an NCID, you can use it to subscribe to EDDIE.
    • For NCID information, please contact your NCID administrator, go to or
    • Your NCID password will expire after a few months. NCID will send an email requesting that you re-set your password. If you do not re-set your password, or if you forget your password, you will be locked out of NCID and EDDIE. Contact your NCID administrator or go to to re-set your password. Your User Name should not change. If you change your NCID User Name, you will have to re-subscribe to EDDIE.
  2. After your NCID is approved, go to EDDIE at and click log in, you will be asked to log in with your NCID and then to subscribe.
    • Choose the appropriate user role / subscription level. Details are in the FAQs.
    • After your subscription to EDDIE is approved, use your NCID to log into EDDIE and edit your data.



NCDPI is the only entity that has jurisdiction over school numbering. Until a NCDPI assigned number is established the use of any identifying number is unauthorized. EDDIE is the authoritative source for assigned school numbers.

Requests to add new schools should be submitted in EDDIE approximately four to six months before the school is scheduled to enroll students. A user must be subscribed to EDDIE to enter a new school request. Please allow approximately two weeks processing time. New school number confirmations will be emailed to the superintendent / designee. Recommended opening date to enter in EDDIE: 07/01/YYYY.

  • Alternative schools should be approved by Alternative Learning Programs before requesting a school number in EDDIE.
  • Cooperative Innovative High (CIH) Schools should be approved by the State Board of Education (SBE) before requesting a school number in EDDIE.
  • New Schools Project schools should have approval from North Carolina New Schools, and been given a cohort number from them, before requesting a school number in EDDIE. For information on how to submit to the NC New Schools, please call 919.277.3760.
  • Pre-K Schools that contain pre-kindergarten students only are not assigned school numbers and are not included in EDDIE. Pre-K only schools may be given a local use number (0-299) by their LEA and entered in PowerSchool. Contact your district's NC SIS Coordinator or the Home Base Support Center for more information.


Close a school online using EDDIE. Must be subscribed to EDDIE to enter a closing date. Enter the date the school will close on the school information page. Recommended closing date to enter in EDDIE: 07/01/YYYY.

  • School Closing dates should be entered ASAP.
  • If a school is moving to a new location and/or changing its name, the school is not closing and does not need a new school number.
    • Wait until after July 1 to enter school name and address changes, grade level changes, new principals, etc. that will become effective in the next school year.


If you have any questions about EDDIE, please email

EDDIE’s Features

  • Create customized reports.
  • Access more school level data such as:
    • calendar type; schedule type; and program type;
    • National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) number / Federal ID;
    • schools that will open in the future; and
    • schools that have closed.
  • Enter split grade levels.
  • Apply for new school numbers online.
  • Authorize multiple content editors.
  • Acquire archived school data.

The Educational Directory and Demographical Information Exchange (EDDIE) replaced the School Name and Address (SNA) file in April 2010.